2022 marks the launch of GUESS Eco’s “Be(leaf) in Change” global forest project, a tree-planting initiative in collaboration with Treedom, debuting during the month of Earth Day.

Founded in Florence, Italy, under the pledge “Let’s Green the Planet”, the Treedom tree-planting scheme works closely with farmers in Italy, Africa and South America, helping to bring long-term social, financial and environmental support to the local communities where they are grown. With almost 3-million trees planted since its inception in 2010, the eco-promoting platform also works with various corporate partners on recycling and carbon-neutral loyalty programmes, providing new, dynamic and tangible ways for companies to support environmental issues through customer and stakeholder engagement.

As part of this scheme, and in support of the lifestyle brand’s continued commitment to sustainability and safeguarding the planet, GUESS has initially committed to planting 5000 trees, with plans to increase this number through a long-term campaign aimed at both customers and employees.

In the brand’s current in-store and online promo, customers who purchase one product from the GUESS Eco collection will receive a special code that they can use to claim their very own tree on Treedom’s website. Once they have activated their Treedom profile, the user will then be able to receive ongoing updates on the project, including the species and health of their tree and the people who take care of it. All of the trees will be signposted by the GUESS logo, and customers will also have the opportunity to choose the species and location of the tree they want to adopt.

Federico Garcea, Co-founder and CEO, Treedom said, “We all have a duty to take care of the world we call home. So, it is fundamental that businesses lead by example, demonstrating positive moves towards an eco-friendly future. This is why we are so delighted to be collaborating with fashion powerhouse, GUESS. GUESS Eco’s new tree-planting initiative with us at Treedom will have a truly positive impact on the environment, and 5000 trees is just the start. By including GUESS Eco customer participation in this activation too, we are really working together to green the planet, proving that sustainability is the new stylish.”

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“We’re really excited about this new campaign. Not only is the Treedom project perfectly aligned with GUESS' own commitment to nurturing and protecting the world around us, but it is also the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues among our customers, while doing something really positive both for the planet and the communities where the trees are planted.” stated Chief Creative officer of GUESS?, Paul Marciano.

The GUESS Be(leaf) in Change promotion is active until May 15th, in 348 stores across Europe, as well as in the brand’s online store.

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